Celebrity Endorsement: No Harm, No Foul

The other day I posted about how, as a child, I used to love the Olsen twins. Heck, I liked watching their movies and reading their books so much that I even ate a sloppy joe because Mary-Kate and Ashley ate them in a movie that I saw. This has inspired me to blog about why I think that celebrity endorsements are an effective form of advertising.

First of all, celebrity endorsements make the ads less forgettable. Personally, even if I don’t remember the product that the commercial was advertising, I will remember if my favorite singer or actor was featured prominently in it. Make Taylor Swift or another pretty, popular celebrity the face of a make-up advertising campaign and I’m sure thousands of girls will want to buy those products so they can look just as pretty.

An article at ConvoAgency.com says that one out of every five ads features a celebrity, and some celebs can even get paid to tweet or relay branding info via social media. http://www.convoagency.com/celebrity-endorsements-analysis-research-facts/

According to an excerpt from John Andrew Davis’s book entitled “Competitive Success, How Branding Adds Value,” the American Express “My Life. My Card” ad campaign in the 2000s, which featured various celebrities using American Express cards, was very successful. You can read more of Davis’s book on Google Books at the link attached here:  http://books.google.com/books?id=kTkbzu278y4C&pg=PA251&lpg=PA251&dq=was+ellen+degeneres+american+express+campaign+successful&source=bl&ots=HakJIC-iJD&sig=gUDpbz35s9cYGET2x1fS9xDsS3w&hl=en&sa=X&ei=kfopU-vkI6W_0AHJj4FY&ved=0CDcQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=was%20ellen%20degeneres%20american%20express%20campaign%20successful&f=false

The campaign was very successful, as a commercial featuring Ellen DeGeneres won an Emmy in 2007 for best commercial. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Express#Advertising

I think that another effective celebrity endorsement ad campaign was Apple’s Mac vs. PC, in which actor Justin Long was featured as the “Mac Guy.” Aside from the funny nature of the commercial itself, in which two people are used to represent the brands, I remember the commercials more because they feature the actor.

I don’t think that this tactic of advertising is deceptive or misleading. In fact, I think that celebrity endorsement isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s just a way for companies to make their brand and their products stand out. The article at ConvoAgency.com (http://www.convoagency.com/celebrity-endorsements-analysis-research-facts/) also said that in a study, it was found that people who follow a celebrity are also four times more likely to follow a particular brand. Perhaps advertising agencies prey upon these types of people, but they are not harming anyone by having a celebrity advocate for their products.


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